Personal Checks

Personal Checks can be scanned in Domuso by navigating to Resident > Scan Checks. Ensure that your scanner is on and connected to your computer via USB.  

Load the checks into the scanner and click on the orange ‘Scan’ button.  

View each check image to confirm that the check details are correct.  Search by Resident Name, Accounting Code, or Unit Number under 'Resident Information' and choose the resident from the drop-down menu.  Click 'Accept'. 

If you cannot find the Resident in the 'Resident Information' drop-down menu, leave the field blank and click 'Accept'. You will then be prompted to add Resident name and email before accepting the payment.

All checks should be Accepted or Rejected.  Work until there are no checks with a 'Pending' status.

Remember to click 'Complete Batch' after you have accepted or rejected each check. 


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