Release 22 - 04/26/17

See below for a summary of product enhancements released on 04/26/17, organized by the affected page or product. 

Reports > Check Batches:

  1. Rear check images added to the Check Batch reports, alongside front images.
  2. Pagination and Date Filters added to the Check Batch reports page. Use these filters to search by date range and batch ID. Search results will show 10 batches per page.

Residents > Scan Checks:

  1. Removed extra Manager and Resident email notifications to reduce confusion and noise regarding paper check payments.
  2. Checks will be displayed in the order in which they were scanned.
  3. Added Resident Name and Email fields in case a Resident cannot be found in the ‘Resident Information’ drop down menu. Note: If you cannot find a resident in the drop down, leave the field blank and click ‘Accept’. Name and email fields will appear and must be filled out before accepting the payment.
  4. Added Resident Status below the ‘Resident Information’ field.
  5. Added a safety check to ensure only numbers can be manually entered in the MICR (account number and routing number) fields.

Posting Logic

  1. Posting Logic Update for managers using YARDI and AIM
    1. If a manager voids a payment in Domuso that has already been posted to the accounting system (YARDI or AIM), then a reversal transaction (refund) will be posted to the accounting system, resulting in less manual work.

Domuso Installment Loans

  1. Previously called ‘DomusoCredit’, Loans available through Domuso will now be referred to as ‘Domuso Installment Loans’ because this better reflects the service available.


Also attached as a pdf for your reference.

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