Release 23 - 05/10/17

See below for a summary of product enhancements released on 05/10/17, organized by the affected page or product. 

Reports > Check Batches, Batches, Statements:

  1. Added a ‘Posted’ column to the download feature on the Payments tab.
  2. Removed the ‘Post Date’ from Batches and Disbursement Report emails.
  3. Added an ‘Accounting Code’ (Tcode) column in the Check Batch Report, Batches, Statements, and the Disbursement Report email.

Residents > Scan Checks:

  1. Added ‘Allowed Payment Methods’ to the available information under the ‘Resident Information’ section for mangers using YARDI. Managers using AIM can expect to see this improvement within the next 30 days.
  2. Added a pop-up warning when navigating away from the page if there are any ‘Pending’ checks to warn that those checks will NOT be processed and will need to be rescanned.
  3. Each check detail section will open automatically to improve the check scan workflow after scanning a batch of checks.
  4. Added search by Unit Number in the ‘Resident Information’ field.

Domuso Installment Loans

  1. Added a confirmation step for residents entering a monthly income over $10,000 during the application process.
  2. UI enhancement for the ‘add bank account’ step on mobile.
  3. UI enhancement for incomplete loans applications in the resident’s homepage to make it easier to resume the loan application.


  1. Security update: tokenize email invitation links.
  2. Fixed: Scheduled Payments were failing when the balance due was zero.


Also attached as a pdf for your reference.

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