Release 24 - 05/25/17

See below for a summary of product enhancements released on 05/25/17, organized by the affected page or product. 


Check Scan:

  1. The ‘Resident Information’ field will be auto-filled if a resident has made a previous check payment.
  2. Reduced occurrence of invalid account numbers.

Domuso Installment Loans

  1. Added: Loans are now available North Carolina and Georgia.

Accounting System Posting

  1. Added a confirmation popup when a user indicates a payment has been manually posted for integrated properties (see below).


  • Payments are automatically posted every 2 hours for ‘Post on Activity’ properties and 2 hours after disbursement for ‘Post on Deposit’ properties.
  • If the box remains unchecked after this timeframe has passed the manager needs to manually post the payment to their Accounting System and can indicate they have done so by checking the box.
  • Payments that need to be manually posted can be viewed in the Daily Manager report.


Also attached as a pdf for your reference:

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