Release 30 - 08/25/17

Scanning Personal and Certified Checks (Cashier's Checks and Money Orders)

Key Points

1. Confirm or correct check details and classify each check as ‘Certified’ or ‘Personal’.
2. Checks with poor quality images should be rejected and rescanned.
3. All checks should be accepted or rejected.
4. View a pdf summary of your scanned checks under Reports > Check Batches.

Using Google Chrome, navigate to Resident > Scan Checks, load checks into the scanner and
click ‘Scan’. There is no need to separate certified checks, including cashier’s checks and money
orders, from personal checks.

View each check image to confirm or correct the account number, routing number, etc. ‘Payer
Name’ and ‘Check Number’ are optional fields for certified checks. If the scanner failed to capture a
readable image, click ‘Reject’ and rescan the check. Each check must be classified as ‘Certified’
(cashier’s checks and money orders) or ‘Personal’ and associated with a resident. You can search
by resident name, accounting code, or unit number under 'Resident Information', then choose a
resident from the drop-down menu. Click 'Accept' to process the check.

If you cannot find the resident in the 'Resident Information' drop-down menu, leave the field blank and click 'Accept'. You will be prompted to add resident name, email and accounting code. Work until there are no checks with a 'Pending' status, and remember to click 'Complete Batch' when you are finished. Navigate to Reports > Check Batches to view your Scan report with check details and front and rear images.


Also attached as a pdf for your reference. 

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