Release 32 - 09/25/17

See below for a summary of product enhancements released on 09/13/17, organized by the affected page or product.

1. Changed the AutoPay date range from the 1st to the 2nd – 5th of each month to give residents
more options when setting up automatic payments. Existing AutoPays will be migrated to the
2nd and residents will be notified.


Check Scan
1. Removed ‘Payer Name’ from the UI.
2. Added a workaround to bypass the ‘Require Accounting Code’ setting.
a. A checkbox was added to the UI and it will be checked by default. If you do not have an
accounting code (e.g. Applicant payment) then simply uncheck the box to bypass the
‘Require Accounting Code’ setting. Checks that are accepted with no accounting code
will need to be posted manually to YARDI.

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