Release 33 - 10/13/17

Domuso Installment Loans

  1. Added the ability for users to choose which day of the month the auto-debit will occur for monthly loan payments (1st – 28th).



  1. Added a resident email notification when a payment is voided.
  2. Added a property level setting to block partial same-day payments. The next release will expand the setting to include future (all) partial payments. Residents will see the following:


Check Scan

  1. Optimized the check scan reports for printing by shrinking the images to fit side by side.
  2. Renamed the Check Batches Report tab to ‘Checks’ to be consistent across report types.
  3. Upgraded the check scan UI to enhance user workflows. Added field labels and updated error messages, which will show in red text below the field.



  • Verify check details including routing number, account number, check number and amount. Check number is optional for certified checks. Amount cannot exceed $5000.
  • Classify the check as personal or certified.
  • Update date received as needed. Date received defaults to the date of scanning (today).
  • Under ‘Resident Information’ select the type of resident payment you are processing. Options are Existing Resident (default), New Resident, Bad Debt, Applicant, and Accounting code is NOT required for Bad Debt and Applicant checks. If you have a check that does not have an accounting code, but is not a Bad Debt or Applicant payment, select Other from the drop down menu and provide the reason the accounting code is missing.
  • Checks accepted under Bad Debt, Applicant, and Other will NOT post to your accounting system. Manual posting is required.



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