Release 34 - 10/27/17

See below for a summary of product updates release on 10/27/17.


Domuso Installment Loans

  1. Added Cash Collateral Loans: How does Cash Collateral work? Residents pledge a fixed amount of cash as collateral, meaning Domuso can take possession of the funds if they fail to repay the loan as agreed. As a result, it will be easier for them to get approved for a loan. If they can’t qualify for standard, unsecured loan then a cash secured loan is a good option.



  1. Expanded the ‘Allow Partial Rent Payments’ setting to include future payments. If a resident schedules a payment for a future date, the payment will be rejected on that date if the payment amount is not the full balance due. This setting now prevents all partial payments (previous sprint was same-day partial payments only).



Domuso Online Certified (DomusoCash)

  1. DomusoCash will now be referred to as Domuso Online Certified. We hope that this change will make the product purpose more clear for residents and property managers alike.
  2. Domuso ONLINE CERTIFIED is a good option for residents who:
    • Are required by a property manager to make a certified payment. Domuso Online Certified is a convenient, online alternative to money orders and cashier’s checks.
    • Can cover the cost of the payment up front. Funds will be pulled from their bank account immediately when they make a Domuso Online Certified
    • Want to avoid an extra trip to the bank. Moving is hard, but we can make it easier. Domuso allows you to make a certified payment anywhere, anytime.



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