Release 35 - 11/17/17

See below for a summary of product updates released on 11/17:


AIM Updates


  1. AIM Batching (Batch on Activity for AIM properties): Added a Batch reporting function so that AIM users can pull up a Batch report in AIM to show all payments that were disbursed together. The Batch ID is the same as the Disbursement Batch ID shown on the Domuso bank disbursement report.
  2. Implemented a new API, which gives Domuso access to roommates. We can now automatically create new accounts, link to existing Domuso accounts and view partial matches for roommates listed in AIM after the AIM sync so property managers and renters will not have to manually create new accounts.
  3. Implemented a new API, which will update Unit Number and Move-in Date for all linked/matched users in Domuso.
  4. Implemented a new API, which gives Domuso access to Resident Status and Allowed Payment Methods. This will allow us to block payments for residents set to ‘Do Not Accept’ as well as allow only certified checks for residents who have ‘Certified Funds Only’ set in AIM.
    • Added ‘Allowed Payment Methods’ and ‘Status’ to the check scan page.
  5. Implemented a new API for AIM, which allows property managers and the Domuso support team to update Accounting Codes in Domuso. The ‘Require Accounting Code’ setting will now be available to AIM properties. Fields in the resident profile tab will no longer be editable because those fields will be updated via the sync. Domuso will verify that T-Code is valid by checking against AIM in real time when:
    • A payment is accepted.
    • A resident is moved from applicant to resident in Domuso.
    • A new resident is added in Domuso
    • A check is scanned.


Also attached as a pdf for your reference: 




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