Payments, Batches, Statements, and Checks

Domuso provides thorough reporting tools to assist with accounting. Information is sent in daily emails and can be found in the Reports tab in Domuso.

Domuso sends a daily disbursement report (to the emails you select) that lists batch settlements as they are sent to your bank account. This information is the same as the information that is available in the 'Batches' tab under Reports (Reports > Batches). Reports:


View individual payment details here including Resident Name, Payment Date, Unit, Payment Method, Amount, whether or not the payment has been posted. Clicking on the payment ID will open a pop up, which allows you to void or refund the payment. You can search by date range, Resident Name, or Payment ID. 


View deposit batch details here including the number of payments, total amount, and post date.  You can search by date range or deposit batch ID. Information in the 'Batches' tab will exactly match the Disbursement Report emails.


View Merchant Statement details here.  There will be one statement per month.  Click on 'Merchant Statement' to view a list of Batches and Payments and download the statements as needed. You can filter by month or date range.


View check scan details here including scan date, total amount, and a PDF with check images (front and back). You can search by date range.

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