Inviting Your Residents to use Domuso

There are several ways your residents can begin submitting online payments with Domuso.


Initial Integration

Domuso is integrated with certain accounting softwares and will automatically send email invitations to all residents with valid emails available in your accounting software at setup. They can use their invitation link to set up a Domuso account.


Adding a Resident

If you would like to personally invite a new resident, you can do so via your manager account. First, sign in to your account. Click on the "Residents" tab. Then, select "Add Resident".

You'll be prompted to include the following:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Email 
  4. Phone 
  5. Unit 
  6. Lease Start
  7. Lease Term

Click "Confirm Resident". 

This will send an email to the resident letting them know they can make rent payments online with Domuso. The invitation link will allow them to create a Domuso account using their email. 


Self Sign-up

Residents can sign up on by clicking the 'Pay my Rent' button and searching for your property name.

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