Posting Payments


Automatic Posting

It is important for property managers to know if a payment has been posted to their accounting system. Domuso indicates the post status with a checkbox.  If the box is checked, the payment has been automatically posted to the accounting system for integrated properties (e.g. properties using YARDI, AIM). Payments are posted every 2 hours for ‘Post on Activity’ properties and 2 hours after disbursement for ‘Post on Deposit’ properties.

Manual Posting

If the box remains unchecked after this timeframe (see above) has passed the manager needs to manually post the payment to their Accounting System and indicate they have done so by checking the box. Posting a payment manually is only needed if there was no accounting code when the payment was accepted, in the case of a Domuso posting error or if your property is not integrated.

Payments that need to be manually posted can be viewed in the Daily Manager report.

Once a payment is marked as manually posted it cannot be undone. You will see this warning message when you manually mark a payment as posted.

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